Erica Mer is a stylist with a strong aesthetic, who’s work can be seen on the pages of Vanity Fair and Marie Claire in addition to Toyota and Dairy Queen commercials. With a multifaceted background in production, costuming, and fashion styling, Erica’s vast knowledge has led her to work on a variety of projects, from designing costumes for client’s such as Mattel to styling music and dance videos for the viral sensation, The Fraternal Twins.
Being exposed to the film industry at a young age, Erica worked as a child actress, allowing her to explore and understand the different aspects of the business. At the age of 18, she moved from New York City to Los Angeles and began working in multiple production offices. It was during her time there that she developed a fond connection working within the wardrobe department. Erica further explored fashion on the production end and honed in on costume design, commercials, and music videos. Erica is sought after by well-regarded directors, photographers, and stylists for her innate ability to bring a distinct point of view to each project.
Erica currently resides and works in Los Angeles.