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An ensemble CREATIVE DIRECTED & CHOREOGRAPHED by @JanelleGinestra & @Willdabeast__
Video by Brazil-Lionheart Entertainment (www.brazil-lionheart.com)

CO-DIRECTED / SHOT / EDITED BY: @Brazilinspires
EDITED BY: @KalyneLionheart

Zachary Venegas
Taylor Hatala
Lexee Smith
Joya Jackson
Mallory Jul
Natalie Bebko

STYLED BY: Erica Mer & Janelle Ginestra
MUSIC MIX & EDITING BY: Willdabeast Adams
MAKE UP: Amy Richardson & Nicolette Fernandez

Beauty and the Beast

Creative directors/Choreography: Willdabeast Adams and Janelle Ginestra

Video Producer: Sam L Dean

Costume Designer: Erica Mer

Make Up- Cathi Singh

On Fleek

Fashion director: Erica Mer

Creative director: Janelle Ginestra

Director of Photography: Dante Marshall

Editor: Zev York

Orphan Boiz

Created + choreography by: Janelle Ginestra

Assistant choreographer: Willdabeast Adams

Directed by: SL Dean

Wardrobe: Erica Mer

Edited by: Jordan Hill

The Hunt

Directors: Willdabeast Adams + Sam Dean

Assistant: Janelle Ginestra

Wardrobe: Erica Mer

Alive | Fraternal Twins |

Creative director + Choreographer: Janelle Ginestra

Dancers: Taylor Hatala + Larsen Thompson

Director + Videographer: Helton Brazil Siqueira

Editor: Kalyne Leonhardt

Costume designer: Erica Mer

Custom wardrobe designs by: Shaila Geaccone

Toca Dance | Toca Boca | Dance On |

Creative director + Choreographer: Janelle Ginestra

Dancers: Taylor Hatala + Reese Hatala

Wardrobe styling: Erica Mer

Producer: Beba Rodriguez

Shooter + Editor + VFX: Typo

Bang | Rock the Mic |

Director: GL + Janelle Ginestra

Choreography: Willdabeast Adams + Janelle Ginestra

Wardrobe styling: Erica Mer

Cinematography: Vahe Papazyan

Editor: Brazil

Wardrobe credits:

Nunbangkok + ISLYNYC

Sweety High's Dance Haul: Fraternal Twins

Director: Veronica Zelle

Creative designers + choreographers: Janelle Ginestra + Willdabeast Adams

Dancers: Taylor Hatala + Larsen Thompson

Costume styling: Erica Mer

Producer: Sweety High

"Fright Lights, Big City" Monster High

Directed & Edited by Tim Milgram
Choreography by Janelle Ginestra

Costume Designer: Erica Mer

Run the World-Fraternal Twins

Creative/ concept designer + choreographer: Janelle Ginestra

DP + editor: Tim Milgram

Dancers: Taylor Hatala + Larsen Thompson

Costume designer: Erica Mer

Scream remake

DP + director: Brazil Siqueria

Choreography + creative concept: WIlldabeast Adams + Janelle Ginestra

Costume designer: Erica Mer